These are pictorial essays of individuals who have come to be where they are through different occurrences. Many are victims of circumstance. Several are destitute and forgotten.  Some strive for greater things and are filled with hope. Perhaps they lost a parent, maybe they were mentally ill and could not get the help they deserved. It’s possible that in today’s society, they lost a job and could not get back on their feet. They really could be any one of us.

My goal is to tell their stories a day at a time. It doesn’t matter how they came to be where they are. It matters that they are heard. Everyone should have a voice.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Who are you? We’re you a contributor to the homeless pictures displayed several years back at LAPL? I cannot find the words, except thank you. I have not been homeless (yet) but I am affected deeply by the sight and.experience of those who directly suffer, rampid denial, families lost, … Frankly, I think the denial or apathy scares me just as much if not more. In music, I have heard it said a choir/orchestra is as good as it’s weakest link. Do we know who the weakest link are? So again thank you; it’s good company.


    • Thank You April.
      I’m really nobody…..just a guy who wants to share what I see, and to tell the stories of those I see on the streets. They could be me, you or anyone. The stories are endless and need to be told.


  2. Hi there, great blog! Looking forward to reading more stories of the forgotten souls out there. Take care!


  3. Well done!!!! Thanks for taking the time and caring.


  4. Abundant supernatural blessings to you for caring and sharing.


  5. Nathaniel Shaw (BeBop) on said:

    I want to add poetry to this collection of art with the theme of Homelessness. I’ll be back BeBop


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