The Soul Man

Over 27 years ago, this Man of overwhelming happiness and optimism immigrated west from Brooklyn, New York.

Today is Thanksgiving and I found him in a park in Pasadena, California enjoying bountiful helpings of a feast a year in the making. To just “See another Day” makes him feel good and grateful today.

With tunes blasting from the boombox he totes, his renditions of Marvin Gayes’ “I heard it through The Grapevine” and “Lets Get It On” really makes one smile and listen.DSC_0386 copy DSC_0397 copy

His desire to live in a world of happiness is echoed by his words of wisdom….”Stop the Violence and Bring in the Peace”….DSC_0420 copy

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One thought on “The Soul Man

  1. Hi thanks for posting thhis


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