“Respecting all things. Respecting all traditions. Understanding that this world is not mine, I’m living in it will lots of other people. I have learned what the heart means. That is the core of what matters, so if I understand your core values, that is what matters to me”.

So are the words of 57 year old Michael. The fact that today is his birthday is not a big deal. He still has to survive for today.

I met this man at Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, TX. The spot where John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. It seems to me a surreal place. A must for anyone who visits this Metropolis. I am humbled at the sight and saddened about this particular time in our nations history.

Michael lives on this very street. Daily, he gives unauthorized personal tours of the area and the happenings before and after that day in November 1963. He seems to me to know a lot. He talks of angles, conspiracy theories, the grassy knoll, the witnesses, and so much more. He walks with me to show me different angles that are still to this day in question. He is a man of knowledge.

All he asks for is a donation to get by just for that day.

This is how Michael has lived for the past 25 years. 1DSC_2739DSC_2791DSC_2776

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