October will mark the 50th year that this remarkable man will have been on the streets. His knowledge is abundant. He has seen much and his words are articulate.

He surrounds himself with discarded daily newspapers and magazines and spends his days reading and catching up on the happenings around the world. From the Oliver North scandal to today’s Hollywood stories, he knows of it all and most of the apparent lies being told.

“I am very positive about the future” he claims and is content at this moment in time. “I know how the worlds works….when I was 12, I began to write a science fiction book, though I had to stop writing as I was asked a question by an elder and did not know the answer to it. I realized then that there was much that I did not know”.

As for his gratitude, he wastes no time in telling me that he is grateful for being an American, and being in The United States. Based on The Bill of Rights, The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence, it allows me to be free and away from all that corporate greed”. “As a Homeless American, I am still afforded the opportunity to go to the library, to get free information. You can do what you want to do, just as long as you are not belligerent at the police. Know that they are just doing their job. I am also pessimistic about the future based upon what I know”.

“I want to make this world a better place. I know, that I will and can be of service, if I ever get off of the streets. I am apparently the only one that is going to help me to do so. It is slow going. By collecting these tin cans and doing other stuff, I will get there one day, to be of service”.

“We were all born with certain traits, I believe that I was born with the trait of needing to help people”. “I think we should all learn about our own traits and use them. Use them to help others. My parents helped me to realize that and I stuck with it. I was lucky to have had parents who actually looked at me and told me that I was doing it wrong. I knew that they were my parents and had my best interests in mind, so I listened to them”.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not an angel, but rather just a person who is trying to get by, making sure that I do not repeat mistakes and bad habits.We all have room to grow”.

“What bothers me today is the number of suicides of the younger generation. There are just too many. Te kids need to know more about the world and science. This will give them a fix on who they are, where they came from and where they are going. This is not something they can learn in school, it’s something they must learn on their own, and put their own feelings into it and put it to positive use. They use lack of information as a crutch”.

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