1977 was a year of change for Mariusz.

He left his home in Poland for a better life in The United States. He studied communications in Hollywood when he arrived, with the hopes and dreams of directing. That dream is still in his heart to this day. He wants to share his vision of the homeless in Los Angeles and hopes that one day, he will.

His Eastern European accent is refreshing to hear.

An admitted chain smoker, he is encouraged by life everyday and is grateful for today. His message for the younger generation of today is “Go to School. Knowledge is more than the money. It is more important because, if you have knowledge, the money will come along. And of course, take care of yourself, and the friends around you because you never know who will need help. Things can change overnight”.

“Despite the pain I am in daily, I am grateful to be alive today. I am too much of a coward to kill myself. I would like very much to get back into the film business. I am bored sitting here. I need to do something. The idea of a film on the Homeless is always on my mind. The way they think and how they got to be where they are today is what I want to share with the world”1 DSC_3708 DSC_3721 DSC_3737 DSC_3757.

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