The early morning has welcomed heavy showers from above. The streets of South San Francisco are somewhat abandoned. Makeshift shelters and tarps are abundant. I drive through the seemingly abandoned streets and notice a Black Labrador sheltering himself under a tree. I pull over to see if there is anyone who might parent this beautiful animal. that is when I meet Angel.

As I exit my car, I hear her voice…”Come, get out of the rain”…I dash over to herĀ  home made of plastic tarps and huddle under. The Black Lab follows and sits besides me. It feels nice to be out of the rain.

Angel tells me that she is cold, but o.k. Out here on the streets of San Francisco for the past four years, Angel is a Nebraskan at heart. “Even though it is rainy and it is wet, God is good” as she pets her rescued puppy endlessly. It is her baby, her family. She is grateful for her puppy, her friends and for today, this tarp we are huddling under.

Her words of encouragement as I get up to leave make my day that much better….”Never give up on what you want….Always go for the best…anything is possible”.

On a very dark and gloomy day, my day has just been made a little better after meeting this Angel.

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