A Bag Lunch and a Smile

Have you ever wondered when your next meal might be? Where it might come from? What will it be? There are many who ask themselves these very questions each and every day on the streets of our cities. We see them. People. Men and women, young and old and ask ourselves…How?

On the streets of downtown Los Angeles there is a crisis. The homeless are plentiful and abundant.

 It is midday, on the first Sunday of the month. They know, that for today bellies will be full as they wait for a gift. The gift is a woman who along with her crew, come down to the streets of Skid Row and spread Love. The Brown Bag Lady has arrived. Hundreds of Brown Paper Bags filled with handmade sandwiches, hot soup and other basic supply’s are ready for distribution. There is no chaotic rush to grab a bag rather and orderly line with the anticipation of a meal. For many, this will be their only meal of the day.

I see those waiting in line. A typical sight down here on the streets. Long faces of sadness and despair. Blank looks of hopelessness.

Change comes quickly.

As each person is given a bag of food for the day, there is happiness. For this moment there are no worries. There is unconditional love being felt by all. Bellies will now be full.

A simple act of kindness and care and a full belly.

There are now smiles. If even for just a few moments.

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6 thoughts on “A Bag Lunch and a Smile

  1. A stunning series of environmental portraits. Also well written.


  2. Beautiful – thank you, I had to reblog to share. Have a blessed week! Diana


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