The line around the block is a long one on this day. It is a day that many look forward to. At the end of this line, there will be food. Food, that is hot, tasty and plentiful.

I walk around a bit and see many who have been anticipating this day for quite sometime….it is Thanksgiving on Skid Row.

This is where I meet Joe. A man who stands out from the crowd with his infectious smile. I am drawn to him. I want to know more.

He introduces himself as Joe and tells me that he is good today, despite being on the streets for 20 years. He tells me that he came to California from Mississippi to become a recording star. I ask him how that’s going? “It’s going o.k.” he says. ” I’ve just been doing Karaoke for 20 years, but it’s o.k., ya know?”…. He shares that his favorite artist is Aretha Franklin not just based on her singing, but also as to what she as gone through as well. “Patti LaBelle is a very close 2nd”.

He is grateful for today, and that “God has chosen him”. I don’t ask him for what…it is clear….he attracts goodness.

He smiles at me and proclaims…”Trust in The Lord with all thy heart”.

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