Every once in a while there is someone who you meet that leaves you in awe. The man I met today is such that person.

He introduced himself as Jacob aka Influence. From that moment, I knew he was special. His grin and attitude are addictive. I ask him how he is doing? “I am blessed and Happy New Year he responds. An Inglewood native, he breaks into a rap…

“What we get when we so violent? traitorous

But what we get when we just silent? Messages

This so all you people can sit with this

Our past behaviour has been ridiculous.

Brains washed like dishes get,

Senseless murders we sick of this.

Money, materialism get rid of this,

It’s nothing but wickedness.

The judge you for differences that shows you our ignorance,

We take some in-frivolous through these television images,

When it’s a Mother, she’s poor,

She’s got a child with no resources,

That means she must whore,

I shed a tear when I see this

As shes never done this before,

The baby Father is on the corner,

He be selling that rock,

He sold to an undercover and now he sitting in court.

A politician of sorts is caught breaking the law,

The only way we can overcome, is breaking the source.

They say the top is Illuminate, nah, I’m taking that off

Watching the Earth and it’s rotation from the seat on my porch.

So, wake up and bathe in the sunlight,

Impossible to loose like America fixing gun rights.

Often I feel like Nahz and all I got is one mike,

There’s one match left in the books and blunts,

But one light.

Religious leaders mislead us we watch their sports from the bleachers,

Children be screwing their teachers, now tell me where does that leave us?

Other children are under acheivers.

Prisons and jails, that’s where these governments want to keep us.

Livin’ themselves, the wealthy live in heaven,

The rest are livin’ in Hell.

They say the dollar is power but

That’s the reason we fail.

I tell you that knowledge is power.

I got them words from a man who said

My mind is a tower when I’m devising a plan.

He said one day  it’s the meek that shall

inherit the land.

He said divided we fall but united we stand,

He said that religion is nothing more but prison

if you have something to give,

Just open your heart and give it.

You got a song? Then make sure the lyrics

are from the spirit.

Now you have a poem,

The world is waiting for

you to spill it.

Wake up”.

An experience I will not soon forget.1 DSC_0339 DSC_0347 DSC_0363 DSC_0374

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